Bristol Acupuncture and Qigong Classes

Qigong (also spelled Chi Kung) is a Chinese system of exercise that focuses mainly on movements that are a highly effective health care practice. The movements are gentle, slow, rhythmic and fluid and so are appropriate to all abilities and age. The focus on posture, movement and breath encourage circulation of Blood and Qi (energy). It is a practice that is very relaxing and invigorating at the same time. Regular practice may enhance the immune system, build stamina and decrease stress.It is sometimes described as meditation in movement. Although I have over 25 years of Martial Arts training (Tai Chi, Aikido and Jujitsu) which has taken me to Japan, China and Malaysia on a number of occasions, my Qigong classes focus on the health and relaxation benefits and less so on the Martial aspects, nevertheless the basic principles are one.

Alex teaches Qigong exercises in conjunction with the acupuncture channels. For example, you may learn exercises which are particularly good for smoothing the Qi of the Liver, strengthening Kidney and Lung Qi to improve respiration,  or grounding and descending the Stomach Qi to improve digestion and prevent nausea . These exercises will all help with strengthening, co-ordination and balancing the whole Body and Mind.

Currently, I run Qigong classes in Bristol at The Penny Brohn Cancer Care (PBUK) for people affected by Cancer. I have trained with many renowned teachers, mostly in the lineage of Cheng Man-ch’ing and Master Huang (Tai Chi & Chi Kung) and The Osaka Aikikai (Aikido).

Private Classes

I currently only teach a class at PBUK and offer 1:1 sessions but will be running workshops from Sep 2018 which include Qigong practice. Please get in touch for more information on up and coming classes.

Practicing Qigong regularly is particularly effective in conjunction with regular acupuncture and shiatsu treatments. If you are too busy to attend regular classes, Alex can teach simple, easy to do exercises that improve Qi flow which may strengthen the immune system and build stamina in a gentle way that is accessible to all.